Mario Costabile started his career as a musician.

An accomplished musician, Mario plays a multiple of instruments, having performed and recorded on guitar, piano, keyboards, bass, and drums. He studied music at William Paterson University and later studied film and television arranging with world renowned arranger Don Sebesky.

Mario has been a successful music producer for over 25 years having produced hundreds of bands, artists and commercials.  In 2009 Mario musically produced two hit singles, "I need an Angel" and "Alone Time" for the band Sacred Road.

 In the year 2000 Mario began his career in Video production.  He has produced content for movies, television, and the recording business. Among the notable organizations he has done work for are MTV, VH1, FuseH, Discovery Channel, the SYFY Channel,  EWTN, Yamaha Music, Sony Music, Def Jam Records, and Universal Music.

Because of his expertise in both music and film it has allowed him to be involved in a wide range of projects. Mario has run Visual Energy Entertainment since 1984 which produces documentaries, television programs, marketing videos, TV and Radio commercials, and social media content.

In 2015 Mario was awarded a Telly for a documentary he filmed and produced on the making of the motion picture film by Roadside Attractions called "Gimme Shelter" which starred James Earl Jones, Vanesa Hudgens and Brendan Frazer.